Lecturing — Everyone’s Favorite Pastime

This survey was to contain 9 questions. Instead, let’s get to the point without lecturing. SO, here is the 9th, the last question:

9.  Would you like all those who lecture us on how to live our lives, what to do and not do, what to eat and not eat, who to like and not like, and more  —  to stop lecturing?

And what else do you have this to say about being lectured to by so many people?

But because lecturing is so prevalent today, just a few more non-lecturing points follow.

9+1. The lectures we get from some politicians and some issue-oriented leaders dictate the ways they believe we should feel and act.  Have you noticed that many liberal advocates who are most adamant rarely smile or include much humor in their lectures?

9+2. The September 11, 2001 attacks by cave-dwelling extremist fanatics is an example of lecturing given the ultimate action. That is, those cave-dwellers sit in their caves, living like rats, mandating that women are not allowed to function as human beings, and lecturing that Western Civilization is not fit to exist so they must end its existence in the name of their god.

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