What Worries Me

Generally, I am a person who contemplates serious issues, is concerned about about where society is heading, follows the news, but doesn’t get too involved. My best friend prefers to follow sports only, doesn’t contemplate serious issues, and goes through life without taking anything seriously.

I worry that I worry too much.

Some life-style things that worry me include that I don’t exercise enough
and some days I exercise too much. I feel guilty if I don’t exercise most days. And, stupidly, I feel guilty if I don’t exercise enough to give me pain.

Some work things that worry my friend include that she don’t worry enough about work, but that on some days she worries too much about work. She feels guilty that she dislikes her job and that her co-workers dislike each other and their boss. They all dislike the company they work for.

Some political things that worry me include that I don’t trust my government, there is a lack of political leadership in my country and around the world. Where might any decent leadership ever come from?

Some food things that worry me include that I enjoy eating all foods that I like and enjoy eating foods that the experts say aren’t good for me. Sometimes I eat too much good food and often too much junk food.Some everyday things that worry me include breathing second-hand smoke, global warming, air pollution, high taxes, cholesterol, aggressive drivers and those who run stop signs & red lights.

Some bigger things that worry me include that most people don’t recall the real bull market in stocks started in August of 1982. Most people don’t understand that economic ups & downs often take a long time to develop — 8, 15, 20 years & more. The long Reagan policy induced bull market in stocks was an early sign of today’s prosperous economy. Seeds of today’s prosperity were planted in 1981.

I am worried that I may not have answered this survey correctly.
I know I shouldn’t be since there’s no right or wrong way to respond.

I wish we could all stop worrying so much about many of the things that the media and politicians tell us we should worry about.

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