Civility — All Gone To Where?

From road rage to lack of cooperation at work, how did we get to this level of nastiness?

Why do so many people so often take out negative feelings on others? Can we determine why there is so much anger around everywhere from the workplace to the streets? Perhaps it could be eliminated?

Some people feel we need to return to a more civil and gracious society. Others feel today’s society is just fine — civil and gracious.

We used to rely on common courtesy with mutual respect between individuals. But these days our nosy, intrusive government has polarized the discussions between people regarding many topics, including global warming, smoking, ethnicity, and more.

It appears that nastiness has replaced respect. Stubborn behavior has replaced common courtesy.

This applies to other situations such as driving, walking down crowded streets, shopping, etc. Is it necessary to shut down all social contact, or can we expect people to be civil with others?

What negative emotional situations do you experience during normal, everyday life while driving, walking, shopping, working, having dinner, talking with friends? Do they include anger with coworkers, stress over family issues, disgust with people’s stupidity, issues out of my real control (politics, taxes, money, dating, marital, etc.)

Some people experience frustration with people’s stupidity. Driving sometimes infuriates some into road rage. Some get stressed over work issues. Political leaders are often aggravating. Ethnic conflicts are upsetting. Race relations can appear to be unfair. There can be resentment over someone else who gets ahead when we don’t.

Do you think you would be more successful in your work if you felt less negative emotions overall? Or, are you too ignorant to have ever thought about it, you dummy?

Generally, people feel the general level of negative emotions in today’s society will tend to increase rather than to decrease. But I haven’t thought about it much since I am a scaredy cat.

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