Humor? You’re joking!

Where has people’s sense of humor gone?

Over recent decades people have gradually lost their senses of humor  —  that is, an appreciation of truly clever humor.

People are frightened by many things including technology, cholesterol, fat, terrorism, job loss, and more. People often seem to be joking and fooling around in juvenile ways, but actually they are very up tight. The most popular theme used by today’s so-called comics is bathroom humor.

A major reason many people no longer appreciate genuine humor — and instead turn to bathroom humor — is that they are not educated well enough to understand the subtleties in clever humor. Many people are so up tight with so many worries that someday they are going to spontaneously just simply POP.

Many people today are fortunate. They could appreciate clever humor and and laugh more if they slowed down, appreciated the good stuff in their lives, and stopped meddling in other people’s lives.

Of course, I have a great sense of humor.

As for most people, I wish I could buy a sense of humor to give them. Maybe they would enjoy life more. But I doubt it.

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