Men & Women Are Different

Yes. Actually, yes. They are irrevocably different.

No amount of yelling, screaming, name calling, cultural perversion, or political mandates will ever engender a true change to the fact that men and women are different.

Men interact in direct debate when discussing or arguing issues. They go at it, man to man.

Women simply talk about people — who are often not present.

Men insult and argue against each other when activated in a bar. Women have lunch together and simply sympathize, share, and talk among themselves, while complaining about women not present.

Men live and act within a culture of insult. Women enjoy a culture of whiny complaining.

Men will always instinctively need to act to establish credibility and a courageous reputation. Therefore, men will never submit to the effeminate culture that believes it is taking over everywhere.

Men will tolerate humiliations and sneerings from the weaker sex for some time longer.

Their is a gathering storm. The test of manhood has always required men to demonstrate that they can take any pressures and pains yet stoically continue onward toward success. Every man’s instinct is be to stand solidly firm. Men embark onward regardless of onslaught upon onslaught.

Men do not seek safe spaces, shrivel under micro aggression, or transform into snowflakes.

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