Red Lights Slow You Down?

What Does A Red Traffic Light Mean?

Do you ride a motorized vehicle of any sort on public streets? Were you taught that a red traffic signal means “Stop”?

Do you always stop on red lights? Or only when you must in order to prevent a collision or if you see a policeman?

Several areas have legalized a “right turn on red after a full stop”. Right turn on red after a full stop means you may drive through a red light under certain conditions. You may drive through a red light, but only to turn right and only after a full stop and only if traffic from the left has passed and the area is pedestrian free.

You are assumed to be responsible enough to make a good decision about whether or not it is safe to turn right on red.

Now that you have been handed the responsibility to turn right on a red light, to many people it is OK to drive through a red light at any other time too.

The act of driving through a red light under any condition  —  even to turn right   —  removes the absolute rule and destroys the psychological barrier against driving straight through red lights. Other drivers are not as mature and responsible as you think you are. Therefore, other people don’t understand that it is wise to stop on red lights… and deadly to drive through red lights.

If you are not mature, in a hurry, or just arrogant, you would see nothing wrong in driving through intersections on red lights any time you feel like it. To that statement, many say, “Darn tootin'”.

Do you enjoy taking chances by driving through intersections when you have a red light?

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