We’re All The Same… But Different.

We’re All The Same… Or So We Are Told.

All people are born having equal political & social rights. Is it also true that all people are born having equal physical & mental skills?

Do you work closely with many people? About how many men and women do you work closely with?

Imagine that you are about to be assigned full responsibility, for an important new project that could easily propel your career upward or downward. If successful, you will personally be awarded a large bonus.

Before the project starts, you are tasked to select up to five of your current close coworkers to work for you on your new project. How many men and women — out of all your current coworkers — will you select to work on your important new project?

What were the primary criteria you used to select your new staff? Do they include best skills, most experience, works well with others, exhibits good judgment, likes to party often in the office, and other skills?

What were the primary criteria you used to not select others? Do they include lacking skills, inadequate experience, does not work well with others, does not exhibit good judgment, likes to party in the office, and others?

All people are born having equal political & social rights. Yes.

All people are born having equal physical & mental skills. No.

Wanted & What We Want To Be

What Are Your Objectives?

Civilized people have been on a quest to become more civil for thousands of years. Progress has setbacks when terrorism, dictators, and catastrophes rise to be in charge of the masses.

Civilization’s quest can be summarized as a search for reason, justice and beauty.

Today reason appears to be just barely surviving, but likely dead.

Today justice is not surviving, but instead being overwhelmed.

Today beauty is gone, lost, not surviving, just simply dead.

Can you identify a civil culture that truly appreciates reason, beauty, and justice any where in today’s world?

Civility — All Gone To Where?

From road rage to lack of cooperation at work, how did we get to this level of nastiness?

Why do so many people so often take out negative feelings on others? Can we determine why there is so much anger around everywhere from the workplace to the streets? Perhaps it could be eliminated?

Some people feel we need to return to a more civil and gracious society. Others feel today’s society is just fine — civil and gracious.

We used to rely on common courtesy with mutual respect between individuals. But these days our nosy, intrusive government has polarized the discussions between people regarding many topics, including global warming, smoking, ethnicity, and more.

It appears that nastiness has replaced respect. Stubborn behavior has replaced common courtesy.

This applies to other situations such as driving, walking down crowded streets, shopping, etc. Is it necessary to shut down all social contact, or can we expect people to be civil with others?

What negative emotional situations do you experience during normal, everyday life while driving, walking, shopping, working, having dinner, talking with friends? Do they include anger with coworkers, stress over family issues, disgust with people’s stupidity, issues out of my real control (politics, taxes, money, dating, marital, etc.)

Some people experience frustration with people’s stupidity. Driving sometimes infuriates some into road rage. Some get stressed over work issues. Political leaders are often aggravating. Ethnic conflicts are upsetting. Race relations can appear to be unfair. There can be resentment over someone else who gets ahead when we don’t.

Do you think you would be more successful in your work if you felt less negative emotions overall? Or, are you too ignorant to have ever thought about it, you dummy?

Generally, people feel the general level of negative emotions in today’s society will tend to increase rather than to decrease. But I haven’t thought about it much since I am a scaredy cat.

I Deserve It. Now.

And I Want It. All of it. Now!

I know that I deserve to have the following stuff: A new car, house, good job, free education, more money, and people should like me.

I deserve to have that stuff because I am a human being.

More stuff that I deserve includes: Freedom, healthcare, free music downloads, great retirement benefits, plenty of food, and people should like me.

Some stuff that I don’t deserve, but should be given to me anyway, because I can’t afford it now, should be given to me by government.

I never think about how free I am. I rarely think about how comfortable I am. Rarely do I think about how fortunate I am to be a citizen of this country living free and in safety. Rarely do I consider how fortunate I am to be healthy.

Actually, I’m not healthy. But I am fortunate anyway. Other stuff that I am fortunate to have includes:

Humor? You’re joking!

Where has people’s sense of humor gone?

Over recent decades people have gradually lost their senses of humor  —  that is, an appreciation of truly clever humor.

People are frightened by many things including technology, cholesterol, fat, terrorism, job loss, and more. People often seem to be joking and fooling around in juvenile ways, but actually they are very up tight. The most popular theme used by today’s so-called comics is bathroom humor.

A major reason many people no longer appreciate genuine humor — and instead turn to bathroom humor — is that they are not educated well enough to understand the subtleties in clever humor. Many people are so up tight with so many worries that someday they are going to spontaneously just simply POP.

Many people today are fortunate. They could appreciate clever humor and and laugh more if they slowed down, appreciated the good stuff in their lives, and stopped meddling in other people’s lives.

Of course, I have a great sense of humor.

As for most people, I wish I could buy a sense of humor to give them. Maybe they would enjoy life more. But I doubt it.

Men & Women Are Different

Yes. Actually, yes. They are irrevocably different.

No amount of yelling, screaming, name calling, cultural perversion, or political mandates will ever engender a true change to the fact that men and women are different.

Men interact in direct debate when discussing or arguing issues. They go at it, man to man.

Women simply talk about people — who are often not present.

Men insult and argue against each other when activated in a bar. Women have lunch together and simply sympathize, share, and talk among themselves, while complaining about women not present.

Men live and act within a culture of insult. Women enjoy a culture of whiny complaining.

Men will always instinctively need to act to establish credibility and a courageous reputation. Therefore, men will never submit to the effeminate culture that believes it is taking over everywhere.

Men will tolerate humiliations and sneerings from the weaker sex for some time longer.

Their is a gathering storm. The test of manhood has always required men to demonstrate that they can take any pressures and pains yet stoically continue onward toward success. Every man’s instinct is be to stand solidly firm. Men embark onward regardless of onslaught upon onslaught.

Men do not seek safe spaces, shrivel under micro aggression, or transform into snowflakes.

Lifestyles: Food, Fun & Happiness For Some… Drugs, Exercise, Nastiness & Frustration For Some

Do you feel that you must exercise to look like the way you are supposed to look? Do you really hate exercising? Do you like to skip most of your exercising?

Do you often feel that you must not eat food that tastes too good because you need to have a certain appearance? Do you really hate all those dietetic, nutritional, non-fat foods? Would you like to eat good-tasting, good Italian, French and American foods… in large quantities?

If I could exercise less and eat more good-tasting foods, would you feel less frustrated?

Do you sometimes try to satisfy my frustrations with drugs. Do you sometimes try to satisfy your frustrations with drugs, but I can’t get any real satisfaction from that approach either?

Do you sometimes try to satisfy my frustrations with sex. Do you sometimes try to satisfy frustrations with sex, but I can’t get any real satisfaction from that approach either?

Now that you think about it, do you often feel the need to rush around when shopping, driving and at work?

Now that you think about it, would you enjoy your job more if you weren’t so frustrated?

Now, after reading all that, do you think that you might log off the Internet, go to your kitchen, and enjoy a big cheeseburger with fries and soda pop! Wow!!! That makes good sense — and you will as soon as you defeat your fears?

Businesses, Schools, & Cookies

The whole cookie can only be as good as its parts? Can the whole be as good with lower quality parts?

Have you ever made cookies at home from scratch selecting and mixing each ingredient and baking the cookies to perfection? If you have, or if you care to think about making cookie, what do you guess would happen if you were making oatmeal raisin cookies and used lower quality raisins?

It would affect the taste of the finished cookies, of course. In fact, it could make the finished cookies taste less good — and maybe not edible.

Have you heard that certain law schools are very good?  That is, their graduates are often top-caliber lawyers? Have you heard that certain medical schools are very good?  That is, their graduates are often top-caliber doctors? Have you heard that certain graduate business schools are very good?  That is, their graduates are often top-caliber business managers?

Do you believe that these schools admit only the best students into their programs?

Have you heard that over recent decades these and other schools started giving extra admission credits — that is, add to their entrance exam scores — for some specific non-academic traits? This allows applicants with lower academic grades to rank higher if they have certain other characteristics considered of value.

Have you heard that applicants at many of these and other schools are given extra points if they are of certain ethnic and social backgrounds?

Do you think that the extra points awarded to applicants because they are members of specific ethnic groups or from certain social backgrounds effectively raises those applicants’ ranks above other applicants even though others have better academic grades?

What do you guess would be the results if any of these top-caliber schools lowered their standards and admitted less skilled individuals into their programs? Would graduating classes be better, about the same, or of lower caliber?

If you bake cookies today, will you use some raisins of a lower caliber just to provide each raisin with its opportunity to make it into your cookies? Of course not, for that would make no sense.

Do know someone who had top grades, but was not admitted to a top school because he or she was not a member of a desired ethnic or social background?

Sick Of It — Stop It Now!

Sick Of It & Had Enough?

So… are you fed up, sick of it, exhausted, and angry about any of this garbage? Do you wish that everyone would just leave everyone else alone to do as he/she/it/whatever wants?

People of other groups telling me what I should do.
People of other groups telling me what I should not do.
Minority rights debates.
Abortion rights debates.
People pointing fingers & lecturing to me.
Politicians pointing fingers at me.
Political campaigns.
It’s not fair that I don’t have more money.
It’s not fair that other people have more money than I have.
Flashing TV ads.
TV news readers yelling instead of speaking clearly.
Gay marriage rights debates.
High taxes going higher.
Policy decisions made by politicians reading poll results.

And more stuff.

Red Lights Slow You Down?

What Does A Red Traffic Light Mean?

Do you ride a motorized vehicle of any sort on public streets? Were you taught that a red traffic signal means “Stop”?

Do you always stop on red lights? Or only when you must in order to prevent a collision or if you see a policeman?

Several areas have legalized a “right turn on red after a full stop”. Right turn on red after a full stop means you may drive through a red light under certain conditions. You may drive through a red light, but only to turn right and only after a full stop and only if traffic from the left has passed and the area is pedestrian free.

You are assumed to be responsible enough to make a good decision about whether or not it is safe to turn right on red.

Now that you have been handed the responsibility to turn right on a red light, to many people it is OK to drive through a red light at any other time too.

The act of driving through a red light under any condition  —  even to turn right   —  removes the absolute rule and destroys the psychological barrier against driving straight through red lights. Other drivers are not as mature and responsible as you think you are. Therefore, other people don’t understand that it is wise to stop on red lights… and deadly to drive through red lights.

If you are not mature, in a hurry, or just arrogant, you would see nothing wrong in driving through intersections on red lights any time you feel like it. To that statement, many say, “Darn tootin'”.

Do you enjoy taking chances by driving through intersections when you have a red light?